Home & Industrial building walls and ceilings

1.Interior and exterior wall and ceiling for home and office decoration. (3 options)

option #1

  • Primer: WT01 + Filler WT02 or WT03 or STOP200 +WT05 or Jupiter E5
  • Coat: WT07, WT08 or Jupiter E6,E7, E8 or AB Latex or Franji Coat
  • Description: Acrylic latex Synthetic WB* Acrylic latex
  • Remarks: Gloss: Jupiter E6 Semi Gloss: WT07 or Jupiter E7 Matt: WT08 or Jupiter E8 or Franji Coat: economical AB Latex (antibacterial)
  • option #2

  • Primer: WT01 + Filler WT02 or WT03 or STOP200 +WT05
  • Coat: or WT11 or Stucco WT12
  • Description: Acrylic Latex Texture finish
  • Remarks: WT11: available in two basic consistencies Fine "Andalusite" and Coarse (marble) with different textures WT12: Stucco wall finish .
  • option #3

  • Primer: Or WT01 Or SYN210 + WT02 or WT03 Filler + WT05
  • Coat: SYN TOPCOAT Or ORIGINAL Z117-Z127-Z137
  • Description: Oil based Alkyd Finish
  • Remarks: TOPCOAT SYN: low cost coating Original: high quality decorative coat.
  • 2. Wall and ceiling protection in kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, chemical plants, oil refineries, food & beverage factories, breweries and pharmaceutical industries. (2 options)

    option #1

  • Primer: WT01 +WT03 filler + WT05
  • Coat: EPX07
  • Description: WB* Epoxy (White)
  • Remarks: EPX07: recommended for use in confined areas and damp concrete.
  • option #2

  • Primer: Or STOP200 Or EPX17
  • Coat: Or EPX16
  • Description: HS* Epoxy Finish
  • Remarks: EPX16 is available in major industrial
  • 3. Protection of building Façade and Masonry from water and weathering. (3 options)

    option #1

  • Primer: Not recommended
  • Coat: Protect 2000
  • Description: SB* Silicone resin
  • Remarks: Excellent water repellency.
  • option #2

  • Primer: Not recommended
  • Coat: Or Protect 2000R
  • Description: WB* Siloxane emulsion
  • Remarks: Excellent water repellency. Does not affect substrate color, especially recommended for limestone.
  • option #3

  • Primer: Not recommended
  • Coat: Or Protect 2000S
  • Description: WB* Acrylic emulsion modified
  • Remarks: Good water repellency. Can be topcoated by Protect 2000 if higher protection is required.