Oil base wood treatment.
Recommended Uses
-Woodtreat is highly recommended to be used under wood stain especially when staining soft woods. Wood Woodtreat seals the wood pores to give a controlled penetration of the stain and thus make the staining uniform.

Note: Some kinds of wood usually present a problem when trying to color or stain. Some apparently random areas on the surface of the wood absorb more color, leaving dark blotches "especially when using dark stain" for that reason it is recommended to apply Woodtreat prior to staining.

-Woodtreat is also suitable for treating and preserving wood as it contains oil and mildewcide that inhibit mildew growth on coating surface.

Recommended System: Woodtreat is suitable to be used under the two families of wooden protection coating systems: unpigmented "Wood Stain/sealer/lacquer" and pigmented "Primer/filler/finishing coat".
Suitable for almost all types of wood.

Penetrates and protects wooden surfaces.

Reduces considerably blotching.

Anti-fungus and anti-mould growth.

Good weather and UV resistance.

Water repellant properties.

Easy to apply.

Suitable to be coated by Azmeh Wood Stain and almost all kinds of coatings.
Application Instruction
• Method of Application : Soft rag or suitable brush.
• Mixing : Stir well before application in order to ensure that a uniform consistency is achieved.
• Thinner / Cleaner : S101 is used for cleaning. In general, thinning is not required. Hard wooden surfaces may require thinning of Woodtreat to ensure good penetration.
• Note : Temperature of substrate should be at least 3°C above dew point to avoid moisture condensation during application.
Technical Information
• Color : Yellowish transparent.
• Volume Solids : 23.1 % (ASTM-D2697).
• Flexibility : Good.
• Specific gravity : 0.81 Kg/L (ASTM-D1475).
• Water resistance : Excellent.
• Abrasian Resistance : Good.
• Number of Coats : 1-2 depends on surface porosity.
• Packaging : 0.9 L in US Quart.
Surface Preparation
Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Prior to applying Woodtreat , wooden surfaces should be clean, dry, free from dirt, wax, grease, loose of peeling paint, and other foreign matter. Mildew must be removed prior to applying Woodtreat. The loose fibrous material found on weathered wood should be removed by sanding, either manually or by the use of a power sander, until a sound base is produced.


Moisture content of wooden surfaces should not exceed 16%.

Recommended System:
Wood Stain and also almost all types of wood coatings are suitable to be applied on wooden surfaces treated by Woodtreat.

Note: When staining, test the color of the wood stain on a treated sample by Woodtreat prior to staining wood work.
Drying Time
• Dry to Touch : 1 hour (ASTM-D1640).
• Dry to Handle : 24 hours “minimum recoat time” (ASTM-D1640).
Storing Conditions
-Woodtreat has to be kept in a cool and well-ventilated place, protected from heat and direct sunlight. Woodtreat is classified under highly flammable materials.

-Shelf life is 2 years from packing date in unopened original containers at 5 to 40°C. Containers should be kept tightly closed.

Well-ventilated conditions should be provided during application.

Do not breathe or inhale mist.

Wear air-mask and avoid skin or eye contact.

information in this data sheet and in all our data sheets are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Final results depend on following instructions and on consumer skill. Our responsibility is limited to providing products that Conform to samples and specimens provided by us. Due to technical needs, we reserve the right to change any given specification without notice.

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