205 coat
High gloss air drying synthetic finishing coat based on alkyd.
Recommended Uses
As a protective coat for industrial use, furniture, trucks, vehicles,…etc. Provides a smooth, uniform, tough, and durable surface for metal and wooden substrates.
• Excellent adhesion on metal, and primed substrates.
• High gloss aspect and excellent color retention.
• High resistance to mechanical wear, weathering, and UV.
• Extra durability and faster drying can be obtained by adding ALDAHAB 205 Drier.
Application Instruction
• Method of Application : Conventional spray.
• Mixing Ratio : (by volume) 4 to 1 (A to B) “if ALDAHAB 205 drier is used”
• Mixing : Stir well before application in order to ensure that a uniform consistency is achieved.
• Pot life : 4 hours “if ALDAHAB 205 drier is used”
• Thinner / Cleaner : thinner S205 is used for thinning and cleaning. Mixing ratio with S205 depends mainly on temperature. At 20°C, conventional spray application will need approx. 1.4 litre thinner S205 per gallon ALDAHAB 205 Coat (White).
• Note : When recoating a special attention should be given toward drying times.
Technical Information
• Component B : ALDAHAB 205 drier is used if higher durability and faster drying are required
• Color : In accordance to color card (ALDAHAB).
• Volume Solids : 51% "White" (ASTM-D2697)
• Flexibility : Very good
• Recommended film thickness : 45 microns “dry”
• Theoretical spreading rate : 11 m²/L (White) at 45 microns “dry”
• Specific gravity : 1.19 Kg/L "White" (ASTM-D1475)
• Water resistance : Very good
• Abrasian Resistance : Very good
• Number of Coats : 1
• Packaging : Component A 3.6 L in US Gallon or 0.9 L in US Quart Component B (If required) 0.9 L in US Quart or 0.225 L in US ¼ Quart
Surface Preparation
Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Surface must be clean, dry, and free of dust and other contaminants prior to coating.

It is recommended to apply ALDAHAB 205 Coat on well-prepared surfaces.


Prepare surface in accordance with application instructions for the suitable primer being used.

The primer should be completely clean, dry, and free of oil, grease and other contaminants prior to the next stage (filling & surfacing “if required” and / or topcoating).


If applied directly on steel, remove all oil, grease, wax… etc from the surface to be coated by thinner S100 or S205. Remove rust and foreign matter using a wire brush. Then clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner, dry compressed air or a clean brush and wipe the surface by thinner S100 or S205 with a clean cloth.
Previously painted surfaces: Remove fins, flecks of old paint and other loose material with sandpaper. Roughen glossy areas by sanding then remove dust prior to coating and wipe the surface by thinner S100 or S205 with a clean cloth.
Drying Time
• Dry to Touch : 30 minutes (ASTM-D1640).
• Dry to Handle : 8 hours or “4 hours if ALDAHAB 205 drier is used” (minimum recoat time), (ASTM-D1640)
• Note : Drying times can be affected by many factors such as temperature, ventilation and coat thickness. Higher temperatures will shorten the drying times
Storing Conditions
ALDAHAB 205 Coat has to be kept in a cool and well-ventilated place, protected from heat and direct sunlight. ALDAHAB 205 Coat is classified under highly flammable materials.
Shelf life is 18 months from packing date in unopened original containers at 5 to 40°C. Containers should be kept tightly closed.
Well-ventilated conditions should be provided during application.
Do not breathe or inhale mist.
Wear air-mask and avoid skin or eye contact.

information in this data sheet and in all our data sheets are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Final results depend on following instructions and on consumer skill. Our responsibility is limited to providing products that Conform to samples and specimens provided by us. Due to technical needs, we reserve the right to change any given specification without notice.

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